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Reading Unconscious Signals

Reading Unconscious Signals

During this one day workshop we will teach you about the way our unconscious mind works. This knowledge can give you a real advantage in the game of life. The unconscious mind is constantly sending out tiny subtle signals through our voice, our language, our eyes and our body.  All of these give valuable information about what that person is truly feeling and thinking.  We can control and use our own signals to affect and influence the other person’s mind.

  • Learn how to establish instant rapport.
  • Learn to read the unconscious signals of others that tell you how they really feel.
  • Find out how to persuade people using subconscious signals.



Sunday 13th May 2018

Sunday 24th June 2018


Gipsy Hill Hotel, Gipsy Hill Lane, Exeter EX1 3RN


Fee:  £100

Early bird offer £80

Fee includes:

  • Personal coaching
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • All course materials

Start time 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

NB:  There are a limited number of places so we cannot guarantee there will be places left by the deadline.

Book now to avoid disappointment.