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At The Root Of  All Things Good

Do you have plants in your home?

You may have noticed that they need to be fed and watered. If they outgrow their pot, or don’t get enough nutrients the leaves turn brown and fall off. Sticking the leaves back onto the plant will not help. Moving the plant into a new pot with fresh soil and fertilizer will get to the root of the problem and encourage new growth.

People are similar. As we move through life we are faced with new challenges. Occasionally our old ways no longer give us the results we once enjoyed. The skills Delorre teach will help you move through life well equipped to deal with whatever comes your way.

Join us for a fun and engaging day where we will teach you the specific root skills that will bring success  and fulfillment into your life.  These are easy-to-learn proven skills that will change your life for the better.

Please contact us if you would like guidance on the best course for you.


Feelings and Emotions

  • Emotional first aid to get you through difficult situations
  • Learn to let go of hurtful emotions
  • Complete mastery of your feelings and emotions

Understand your Personality

  • Discover hidden drivers behind our interactions
  • Understand the structure of everyone’s personality
  • Learn to control relationships harmoniously

Reading Unconscious Signals

  • How to establish instant rapport
  • Learn what people really feel
  • Discover how to persuade people using their own signals

Negotiate More Fulfilling Relationships

  • Discover how to read others feelings
  • Learn to stop giving your peace and happiness away to others
  • Gain respect and fairness from everyone

Confidence, Shyness and Low Self-Esteem

  • Develop real confidence
  • Learn a technique to have any emotion you want at any time
  • Discover how to control your levels of self-esteem

Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Learn to develop your ‘witness’
  • Enables you to become a more mindful person
  • Learn a power meditation technique